That raw Vietnamese hair is the highest quality available is hardly news. Raw Vietnamese hair is popular due to its high quality and popularity. Let’s learn everything there is to know about raw Vietnamese hair factory and where to determine the most suitable suppliers.

  1. Some things you should know about raw Vietnamese hair factory

When working with raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers or purchasing wholesale Vietnamese raw hair, it is vital to have a fundamental grasp of raw Vietnamese hair. Let’s step right in.

1.1. What is raw Vietnamese hair

Any person or organization that sells or provides services for raw Vietnamese hair is considered a raw Vietnamese hair seller (or provider).

Vietnam raw hair in raw Vietnamese hair factory can be interpreted in two ways:

According to the first definition, Raw Vietnamese hair consists of Vietnamese source hair that has been cut, washed, and knotted but has not been subjected to any further processing. Vietnamese raw hair is also known as Vietnamese bulk hair.

Caption: Raw Vietnamese hair consists of Vietnamese source hair that has been cut, washed, and knotted but has not been subjected to any further processing

Raw Vietnamese hair, according to the second clause, refers to all sorts of hair whose natural resources are cut from 100% Vietnamese individuals and have not been subjected to mechanical or heat therapies. Weft hair, clip-ins, tips, tape hair, and other goods can be manufactured from the raw hair ingredients afterward. Raw Vietnamese hair, then, is merely Vietnamese human hair of the highest possible quality.

1.2. There are a few facts you need to know before purchasing hair from raw Vietnamese hair factory

There are some points to keep in mind about raw Vietnamese hair factory

  • Because of the nation’s moderate temperature, the bulk of raw Vietnamese hair factory source their supplies from the southern riverfront and the northern highland regions.
  • It is hard for raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers and other wholesale hair merchants around the world to have virgin hair to construct a full set of hair for customers, thus 1 bundle is typically from 2-3 contributors. This means that any company claiming to sell exclusively virgin hair is lying.

Caption: 1 bundle of raw hair is typically from 2-3 donors

  • Each raw Vietnamese hair factory is a for-profit enterprise, and only a small number of legitimate Vietnamese hair producers exist. There is consistency in quality and the raw hair factory in Vietnam will typically excel at such product categories. In contrast, commercial enterprises will have greater product volatility over time due to the high raw material consumption inherent in their operations.
  • With the booming hair market in Nigeria, raw Vietnamese hair factory are always sought by Nigerian distributors to become their potential partners. And there are a few secrets about Vietnam hair factory in Lagos Nigeria you might be interested in.
  • Several more years ago, the raw Vietnamese hair factorys’ manufacturer was still antiquated in comparison to the Chinese hair factory. However, today, Vietnam’s raw hair wholesale vendors have improved their production method to the point where they can compete on a global level, and they are ready to meet any requirement.
  1. Some tips to find the best raw Vietnamese hair factory

Although raw Vietnamese hair is fantastic, not all Vietnamese hair merchants are trustworthy. Here are all the considerations and suggestions to bear in mind when searching for the best raw Vietnamese hair factory from which to purchase Vietnamese raw hair in bulk:

  • To begin, compile a list of each the raw Vietnamese hair factory:
    • Gather as many reliable suggestions for raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers as you can from online resources and personal connections.
    • In addition to providing transparent company information, brochures, priced charts, order and shipment rules, and customer feedback and reviews, reliable suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair will also be upfront about the quality of their products.
  • Identify the best raw Vietnamese hair factory: Multiple wholesalers of raw Vietnamese hair could be contacted at once, allowing you to shop around for the greatest price and quality before settling on a supplier. The top wholesale hair factory have years of knowledge will be always ready to answer your questions. One may trust that a reputable raw hair factory in Vietnam has the expertise and duty to do so.

Caption: Identify the best wholesalers of raw Vietnamese hair

  • In order to make an intelligent choice, it is recommended to read raw Vietnamese hair factory feedback on websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter after you have narrowed down your selection of potential sellers. To avoid being duped, you should read reviews to determine which raw Vietnamese hair products have the best reputation.
  • Contacting, meeting, and dealing with these hair wholesale providers will allow you to verify your ideas and outcomes in regards to the raw Vietnamese hair factorys.

If you apply the aforementioned steps, you will be able to locate the most reliable suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair for your company.

  1. Top 3 best raw Vietnamese hair factory

These are the 3 most reliable raw Vietnamese hair factorys that we could find. Everyone has heard nothing but praise about their Vietnam raw hair.

4.1. Jen Hair – top 1 raw Vietnamese hair factory

Jenhair has been among the pioneering suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair since 1995. Jen Hair began as a modest hair store and has since expanded to become Vietnam’s primary hair distributor.

  • Bulk hair, weft hair, closures, and frontals are just a few of the many hair items available. When it comes to curly and wavy hair, however, 50% of the comments on Raw Vietnamese Hair claim that Jen Hair is the greatest option. They put it down to using high-quality raw hair from Vietnam, which works well with their naturally curly hair.
  • This is an excellent value for such high-quality goods.
  • Jen has a liberal exchange and refund policy.
  • Customer testimonials on Jen Hair’s quality of raw Vietnamese hair:
    • This raw Vietnamese hair factory has been lauded for its consistent quality and lustrous sheen in evaluations of the company Jen Vietnam. Many shops have reported that their clients are pleased with Jen Hair’s Vietnam raw hair and that they want to reorder large quantities.

Caption: Jenhair’s products

  • Few testimonials of Raw Vietnamese hair have mentioned the fragrance, but those who do say that Jen hair is of excellent quality. Jen Hair customers say they had to rinse their hair multiple times to get away from the odor.

If you’re looking to buy Vietnamese raw hair in bulk, go no further than Jen Hair, one of the greatest raw hair manufacturers in Vietnam.

4.2. Layla Hair – top 2 raw Vietnamese hair factory

Layla Hair is a raw  hair factory in Vietnam founded by women who wanted to provide an opportunity for themselves while also giving back to their local community.

Read the latest and most reliable evaluations of this raw Vietnamese hair factory right here.

  • Each wig and extension from Layla Hair is manufactured with elevated Vietnamese raw hair, and testimonials from satisfied customers attest to the hair’s silkiness and shine. They remain intact even after a lengthy period of time.
  • Comments on the cost of raw Vietnamese hair indicate that this hair is among the cheapest on the market.
  • Regulations: Return/Exchange Policy within Two Days

If you’re looking for a reliable source of raw Vietnamese hair factorys, Layla hair is another option.

4.3. Mic hair – top 3 raw Vietnamese hair factory

Mic Hair has become one of the most highly regarded suppliers of wholesale Vietnamese raw hair for the past decade.

  • The item comes in a variety of thicknesses, hues, and size
  • The cost is slightly higher than for low-quality Raw Vietnamese Hair, but is still pretty fair.

Caption: Mic Hair’s products

  • Within thirty days of purchase, you may request a refund.
  • Customer feedback on Mic Hair’s raw Vietnamese hair:
    • Raw hair Vietnam reviews for Mic Hair have been consistently positive. Most customers are pleased with the quality and price of Mic Hair’s Vietnamese raw hair. Thanks to their consistent high ratings, Mic Hair has maintained its position as the best raw Vietnamese hair factory.
    • Mic hair’s raw Vietnamese hair is highly praised for its stunning look and resilience in the face of repeated washings. On the other hand, several reviewers have complained that after receiving their orders, they had to wash their hair numerous times to remove the excessive amounts of hair conditioner used to seal the packages.

Mic Hair is a great raw hair factory in Vietnam if you’re wanting to start a hair company, based on the reviews we’ve gathered from real customers.